Welcome to Puzzle Piece Parent

Life goes two ways, as planned or off track. For most people, life doesn’t always go as planned. You grow up in a certain lifestyle that shapes the way you see yourself as an adult. You graduate high school, start your career or go off to college, maybe even just chill at your parent’s house until you figure your shit out. Then you meet the love of your life, or marry your high school sweetheart, live out your 20’s or fall pregnant, either planned or unexpectedly. However it pans out, you most likely started with a vision or plan. Some people suffer the loss of a child, pregnancy, job, marriage, them self. Whatever the case may be, life takes you on a new journey. For me, my life took a turn when my son’s pediatrician looked me in the eyes and said “I don’t want you to worry, but I believe your son is showing early signs of Autism, and if I were his parent, I would want to have him evaluated as soon as possible.” Autism. It’s a word you may hear a lot, or maybe not at all. It’s supposedly becoming America’s fastest growing epidemic. For me, it’s a word that now defines my life. I hope this blog serves as a helpful reminder to those who are going through a similar life change that you are not alone. You are not isolated or a “bad parent”. What I have learned most from this experience so far, is that the Autism community is so large, so loving and powerful, and our voices are not as small as you think. If you have read this far, welcome. I am happy to share my personal experiences and resources I have found through others.