Early Intervention Sites

Early intervention (EI) is available through most states paid for by tax dollars to support children and babies who have developmental delays and/or disabilities. Search for early intervention help by googling early intervention (your state).

For Ohio families:

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Early Intervention

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can be hard to accept. If you feel like your baby blues just aren’t getting better, seek guidance. Talk to your OBGYN or doctor you feel most comfortable with to see if you may be falling into postpartum depression. You are not alone. You are not weak. Seeking help is not selfish nor a sign of defeat. Depression is real, and your well being matters.

Autism Evaluation Resources

An autism evaluation for your child can be tough. Many parents have to fight for their child’s needs and assessments. If you feel like your child is showing early signs of autism, seek a pediatrician or developmental specialist that will listen to your concerns. It is often difficult to get your child scheduled for an autism evaluation, especially at a young age. The younger it is caught, and diagnosed, the sooner your child can receive the help and support they need. Resources for autism evaluations and the process follows